Next Group Challenge starts February 1, 2024

Are you ready to create real change?

Let's break down barriers and build together! Embark on an journey that builds your anti-racism endurance. Introducing the next edition of the groundbreaking 21-Day Pursue Black Liberation Challenge, designed to help you develop a daily practice of anti-racism that embraces and celebrates intersectionality.

Black Liberation Is For Everyone

It is also daily pursuit that requires an ongoing commitment to anti-racism


Monique explains the pseudo-white awakening that resulted in the surge of interest in the work of anti-racism for a finite moment and then it quickly fizzled out. This sparked both disappointment and frustration. This also lead the pathway for Monique Melton to take action and redirect the conversation on Black liberation.  

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Discover what Black liberation means to Monique Melton
  • Why Black Liberation matters 
  • What we’re working towards.
  • Effective daily actions that will build a habit of committing to the work of anti-racism.

We need change and we need it now!



(1) black liberation video lesson


(1)GUIDE FOR PARENTS & Caregivers

(2) Highly Rated Shine Class Replays

(2) Signature Further Learning WorkBooks (Inside-Out Framework & Unpacking My Personal Identity Workbook)


Bonus Material

Additional content for learners includes:

  • Pursue Black Liberation

    Black liberation is a daily pursuit that requires an ongoing commitment to anti-racism. Discover what Black liberation is, why it matters and how to take action. If you're ready to stop making excuses and start making changes, then this is for you. There's much work to do so let's go.

  • Dismantle Perfectionism

    Perfectionism isn’t sustainable & it isn’t healthy, but how do you break up with it when it’s reinforced everywhere? We will examine three aspects of your life that perfectionism impacts: Confidence, relationships, body/self-image.

    1. Acknowledgement

    2. Course Resources

    1. Shine Class: Black Liberation

    2. Pursue Black Liberation Workbooks (Download)

    3. Bonus Materials: Extras

    1. Audio Lesson: 101 Crash Course

    2. Audio Lesson: Anti-racism 102 Crash Course

    3. Inside-Out Framework

    4. Unpacking My Personal Identity

    1. End Of Course Survey

    1. Member Check-Ins in the Community

About this course

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  • Group Challenge Starts Jun 19
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Features Invitation to Join Group Challenge

This class features a 21-day challenge comprehensive workbook with thought-provoking activities, journal prompts that are designed to build a daily practice of anti-racism centered in Black liberation.

*Next Group Challenge Starting Feb 1, 2024

This workbook can be used to participate in the Biannual Group 21-Day Challenge or to conduct an individual/team challenge anytime.

Learners enrolled in Pursue Black Liberation Mini-Course are encouraged to participate in the group challenge.

The group 21-day challenge takes place twice a year and provides an opportunity to grow and share in the pursuit of Black liberation. 

Invite Accountability: Because this work is done best with accountability, I’m inviting you to invite your friends and family to join you in this challenge. Share about the challenge on social media using the #PursueBlackLiberationChallenge @moemotivate