Eliminate Racism in the Workplace

Organizations must address racist behaviors and beliefs directly in order to build a supportive and affirming culture that supports every member of the staff. To often D.E.I. training centers the feelings of white people with little focus on the feelings of oppressed and marginalized groups.

That's where this course Changes The Game!

  • Center The Most Marginalized

    This training is developed specifically to assist teams with uncovering the specific needs of their most marginalized group. Creating daily practices to remove discrimination, build trust and eliminate toxic racist behaviors.

  • Direct Focus On Leadership Accountability

    Leadership accountability is mandatory if workplace equity is ever to become a reality. Explore methods to create support systems that promote safety and wellbeing and impact organizational change.

  • Raise The Bar

    Real change happens in places of discomfort. A desire for comfortability is what derails efforts and progress. Get real, direct, and honest in this program.


Objectives of the course:

  • Define anti-racism 
  • Apply anti-racist concepts in their daily interactions 
  • Understand personal identities and how white supremacy functions as a system of oppression
  • Identify and eliminate racism and safe havens for racism
  • Build relationships and communities within and outside the workplace.
  • Understand and engage with others using the 13 commitments to anti-racism

Who is it for?  

This is introductory-level training designed for institutions and organizations that are actively seeking to identify and eliminate discriminatory treatment, unfair policies, and/or biased practices based on race that result in inequitable outcomes for whites over Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. The topics and materials are applicable to a broad cross-section of job functions and roles.

Who isn't it for?  

This is not for organizations seeking to obtain training without intending to take it seriously. This is not a check-the-box training. Organizations not taking actionable strides to dismantle supremacy, increase diversity, and implement policies that support Black, Indigenous, and other people of color are not the target audience for this program.

Level of difficulty: Beginner